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Is It Dangerous?

Spyware, Keylogger, and Adware, which collectively known as "malicious software" can be installed into your computer without your knowledge or full informed consent when you install some free software from the internet and when you open Web sites.

Spyware can be used to steal your confidential information stored in your computer. Some Spyware programs secretly install Keylogger on users' systems. Keylogger records what you type, which site you visit, what you buy on the Internet and captures screenshots of your computer screen contents, which then transmitted without your knowledge and permission via the internet to the perpetrators. This can include your account numbers, credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other confidential information. Adware tracks your surfing habits to target ads designed specifically to appeal to you. There's a lot of overlap between Spyware and Adware, but not all Adware is Spyware.

Your PC is most likely infected by Spyware if you experience the following:

  • Your PC receives targeted advertising in a form of pop ups on the screen
  • Spam e-mails in your inbox
  • Your home page URL address changed without your consent
  • Your PC runs much slower than usual.

To protect your privacy online and your PC from running much slower than usual, download spyware removal software that your antivirus does not protect you and your PC against.

If you want to protect your PC against all types of Internet bugs such as spyware, adware, keyloggers, viruses, trojans and worms, then it is best for you to download spyware remover with antivirus now.

Some third party toolbars that can be added to your browser and / or Windows explorer that are known to enhance and personalize your internet & email applications are also Adware. These third party toolbars track all your site visits and reports them back to the toolbar Marketing. This information is then used to send you more popups and more junk emails based on your surfing habits.

Download spyware remover with antivirus

If your PC looks like this, then there is more than likely chance that your PC is infected by malicious software!

SAFE SOLUTION: Download spyware remover with antivirus!


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