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Screenshot: Pocket Email Checker

Pocket Email Checker

Pocket Email Checker is a pocket PC software that claims to provide full control over POP3 accounts using pocket PC and small in size and efficient and allows anyone to check email accounts, preview email messages, delete unwanted email messages directly from a server before download.

It has two options to preview an email message, which are quick preview and server preview. Quick preview option will immediately show the beginning of an email message retrieved during the account checking process. Server preview option is designed to display more information by connecting to the server again and retrieving additional lines for a single email message.

Software Key Features:

1. Lets you control unlimited number of POP3 accounts

2. Allows Quick and server message preview

3. Lets you set number of lines to retrieve

4. Lets you set checking interval for each account

5. Can give preview of message header if necessary

6. Can delete unwanted messages on a server

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Pocket PC Clock

Pocket PC Analog Clock

Pocket PC Digital Clock

995 CLOCK (for Pocket PC/Palm)

Pocket PC software such as 995 CLOCK claims to offer highly customizable alarm clock application for your Pocket PC handheld. With multiple timers, alarms, and time zones, it is perfect as a desk, bed, or travel clock.

Software Key Features:

1. Four alarms with snooze and repeat options.
2. Local time display plus four configurable time zones.
3. Four timers operating in seven different modes.
4. Calendar display.
5. And much more!

Totally customizable appearance:

1. Adjust text and background colors.
2. Change the screen layout.
3. Select a background image.
4. Create your own alarm ringtones.
5. Switch between analog and digital clock display modes.

System requirements:

  • Any Pocket PC device - this includes models from Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, etc.
  • At least 700 KB of available memory.
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Palm Bible

995 PALM BIBLE+ for Palm OS

9.95 PALM BIBLE+ puts the entire Bible at your fingertips on your Palm OS handheld and allows you to browse, read, and search the entire Bible on your Palm!

It claims to include the King James Version (KJV) and the American Standard Version (ASV) and allows you to quickly search for verses containing a word or phrase, find any passage of Scripture, compare two different version of the Bible side by side, and set bookmarks to quickly return to favorite passages.

System requirements:

  • Any handheld running Palm OS 3.5 or greater - This includes models from Palm, Handspring, Sony, HandEra, Samsung, Kyocera, Acer, and Symbol.
  • At least 200 KB of available memory plus 1 MB - 2 MB per bible version.
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