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Parental Control Software for Your Kids Safety Online

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Parental Control- Social Guard

Parental Control software is the best tool to use to protect kids online, where it can offer family-safe filtered search, web site filtering, computer usage time limits, chat recording, newsgroup blocking and privacy controls.

Net Nanny offers easy to install and configure Internet parental control software that works with virtually any Windows and Mac computer to keep your kids safe on the internet.

Parental Controls Software for Windows - Net Nanny Get Net Nanny for Windows Parental Controls Software for Mac - Net Nanny Get Net Nanny for Mac

Some of the benefits that Net Nanny Internet Parental Control software offers:

  • Search over a billion web pages and return porn-free results.
  • Block illicit, obscene and other objectionable material.
  • Limit the time your kids spend online according to your rules. Enforce different time limits for younger children, teenagers, and adults.
  • Record Chat (IRC) and block Instant Messaging programs.
  • Monitor activity and send you daily e-mail reports.
  • Net Nanny is the only parental control software with family-safe filtered search that can block content in several languages.
  • Net Nanny is the most trusted name in parental control software. In a study of 1,600 parents commissioned by LookSmart, Net Nanny outscored AOL and Norton by more than 2-to-1.
  • Net Nanny protects your family and your privacy, which prevents your child from giving out personal, identifying information to predators and records any attempts to do so.
  • Pop-up blockers to keep your screen from filling up with advertisements from adult solicitors and other over-zealous advertisers.
  • Block banner ads within instant messengers such as MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger.

Parental Control software such as Net Nanny protects kids by giving parents control over what comes into and goes out of their homes computers. Net Nanny protects your private information by filtering it out of the data that leaves your computer in e-mail, chat rooms, and on the web.


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