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Internet Phone - Paltalk

Affordable VoIP Phone Service

Make free calls over the internet using VoIP

Internet phone allows anyone to use computer and broadband Internet connection in place of telephone to talk long-distance to friends and family for free with two basic options. You can make free calls using the voice capabilities of an instant messaging (IM) application or one of the free Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Here is how it works:

Internet Phone - PC to PC Imagine making all the long-distance calls you want, to anywhere in the worls, at no cost beyond what you pay for Internet service. Using VoIP software, you can use your PC to call another Internet-connected PC and talk as long as you want. With most VoIP software, conference calls also are free. There is a catch, though: The PC you're calling must have the same VoIP software you use. Also, of course, you need a good microphone and speakers or a headset.

Internet Phone - PC to Phone Many VoIP software clients include a service that lets you call regular telephones. With your Internet-connected PC, you use the software to dial anumber, and the telephone you're calling rings just like it would for any call. Because it takes special equipment for your call to get to the telephone, there's usually a per-minute charge. You will need to open an account and give your credit card number to the Internet phone service provider. On the plus side, rates are very cheap for long-distance calls, although local calls may not be as cost-effective.

Internet Phone - Phone to Phone You're probably already using phone-to-phone VoIP and don't even realize it. Many phone companies have switched from using traditional, analog, long-distance lines to digital, IP connections during the past few years. When you pick up your phone and dial a long-distance number, there's a good chance your call will go through a VoIP adapter somewhere within the phone-company infrastructure.

Popular Internet Phone

One of the popular commercial VoIP access service providers and one of the widespread IM-based services is Skype.

If you have a computer-centric lifestyle, find yourself frequently voice and text chatting simultaneously and communicate mostly with other like-minded folks, then Skype suits you well. It can even be the way to go as a second line for home, as long as you don't need to do any faxing, which Skype can't handle.

Internet Phone Provider - Skype


Internet phone service provider such as Skype lets you slash your long-distance bills and getting in touch with friends and family easily with its Internet telephone software, but the functionality is conditional. Skype offers a graphically pleasing interface that's much like a chat program. To make calls, you'll need to create a contact list of friends and family or use the phone-like interface to dial people directly. You also can access a pull-down menu for painless conference calls of up to four people. To make free calls, both parties will need to have the Skype software installed. To make cheap calls to mobile and landline phones using Skype, you need to sign-up with SkypeOut . Skype offers chat-like interface and excellent sound quality, even with regular desktop speakers. Similar to a chat client, you can set your availability status. Skype is a strong contender in the Internet Telephony category, and anyone who's interested in talking for free should give it a try. The application itself runs on a Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computer or Pocket PC.

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Chat Translator for Skype
Offers real-time chat translation for Skype.
Internet Phone - Skype Chat Translator ScreenShot
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