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The Importance of Having History Eraser

Your computer is tracking all your activities. Anyone who has access to your computer can know all your Internet activities such as the websites you have visited, the images and videos you have ever seen. They will also know which files you have just opened and many other applications.

All these tracks are stored in your hard disk. Just emptying the Recycle Bin and deleting the Internet cache in web browser will not protect your privacy at all. Your Computer is storing all the evidence, and formatting your PC is not even enough. Deleted data files stored on your hard drive and everything you have downloaded or visited like movies, pictures, Internet websites can easily be recovered using some tools even several years later.

For example, index.dat can not be deleted manually. Even if you clean up your cache, cookies, and history from within the Internet Explorer browser regularly, the index.dat files will continue to store information about what Web sites you have visited and what cookies have been saved.

Phishing can also be very annoying and harmful to your information that is why it is important to keep up on all online and cloud computing security trends, this will help protect your information.

To protect your privacy, we recommend you to download history eraser to securely erase your Internet tracks and your deleted data files completely beyond recovery.

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Privacy Eraser - Privacy Software

Privacy Eraser privacy software supports popular Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape and Opera.

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