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What Is FOREX Trading?

FOREX, FX, or 4X are acronyms for the Foreign Exchange market, the largest financial market in the world. Trading FOREX allows you to trade one currency against another and actually make money on the fluctuation of exchange rates between currencies. Profit can be made in an up or down market.

The FOREX market differs from other financial markets in that it has no central location or exchange. It is instead a global electronic network of banks and traders that trade one currency for another in every major financial center in the world. The result is a 24/hour a day market! You can trade FOREX from anywhere that has Internet access.

FOREX is the most liquid market in the world and FOREX trading offers much greater buying power than day trading stocks.. Because of its size, there should never be a problem buying or selling a position, no matter how large.

There are NO trade commissions when trading FOREX. The currency brokerage companies make money on the spread (difference between the buying price and selling price), which is measured in pips. One "Pip" is defined as the smallest numerical value in an FX price (the last digit to the Right of the decimal point). The term "Pips" is synonymous and interchangeable with the terms "Points" and "Ticks".


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