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Create Web Sites Using Four Easy Steps of Web-site Creation Process

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Steps to Create Web Sites from Scratch

Here are steps to take for anyone who wants to own a Web site and get an online presence, but does not know how to begin, whether creating a Web site yourself or by the help of a Web designer:

  1. Register a Domain Name.

    .COM plus free Privacy! - Register .COM Domain Name

    The first requirement for creating a Web site for an online presence on the internet is to register a domain name for the Web site. Domain names are ordinary words, letters, or numbers that signify the locations of the Web sites on the Internet. Example of a domain name: "".

    Domain names are broken into two parts. The first portion of a domain name is called the second level domain name (SLD) consisting of the string of words, and the second portion of a domain name is called the top level domain name (TLD).

    The SLD is unique, and identifies the particular Web-site owner.
    For example, in "", the SLD is “pc-download”.
    SLDs are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, and, more importantly, only one person or company can have a particular SLD combined with a particular TLD.

    A TLD is located at the end of the domain name and designates the source and/or country designation. In "", the TLD is “.net”.

    There're two kinds of TLDs:

    • Generic TLDs (or “gTLDs”). These extensions are short forms for the field of activity in which the particular TLD was originally intended to be used – “.com" (commercial), “.net” (Internet services), “.org” (nonprofit organizations), “.edu” (institutions of higher learning), and “.gov” (governmental agencies). In practice, registration of domain names in the “.com,” “.net” and “.org” TLDs has not been restricted to users in the appropriate fields. Thus, numerous commercial entities own “.org” domain names, many nonprofit organizations use “.com” domain names.
    • Individual countries' TLDs use a period and a two-character country code (e.g., “.au” for Australia), which are placed after the generic TLDs (e.g., "");

    With Netfirms Web Hosting for Small Business plan, you can register a domain name for FREE!

    If you decided to register a domain name without Web hosting services, you can also register your domain name with Netfirms and GoDaddy.

  2. Design the WebSite.

    After you have registered a domain name for your Web site, then you can start building the Web page(s) of the Web site.

    In designing the Web site, you can ask a Web designer to design and create the Web page(s) for you. But, if you prefer doing everything yourself, then you can use Easy To Use software package that can help you build the Web pages quickly. On a follow up note, also know what your goal is on the website, if you're planning on selling goods and services like an ecommerce website, than you may want to consider ecommerce web design or ecommerce website designer to build you a site that will be able to handle products and sales.

    Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a software that can help you build and maintain a professional Web-site yourself.

    Other software packages to consider in building Web page(s) would be ClipArt for the graphics of a Web page, and Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create powerful images with image editing that uses professional standards to bring out the best in Web photo galleries.

    If your business needs a logo, Logo Garden lets you choose a symbol from its custom symbols to create your free logo with your own colour, type and effects.

    If online payment processing is required on your Web-site, you will need a secure online payment service. A popular online payment service that can help you increase your sales is PayPal.

  3. Post the Web page to the internet.

    Create Web Site - Netfirms Web Hosting

    Once you have purchased your domain name and built your Web page(s), in order to have the actual Web-site on the internet you will need to buy a Web hosting package/plan. This enables you to upload your Web pages - information, photographs, maps, charts, whatever you choose - and allow them to be viewed by anyone with access to the internet.

    Netfirms Web Hosting offers large storage, bandwidth and plenty of email accounts and many more benefits.

    GoDaddy Hosting Plans start from less than $2.00 per month with Unlimited Bandwidth!

    After you signed-up with a Web hosting provider, you can post your Web-site to the net using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software, which is usually included in the Web hosting plan.

  4. Promote Your WebSite.

    Create Website - ecard system

    You can promote your Website on the Internet by the following ways:

    All these steps will help you promote your Web-site on the internet.

    After you've promoted your Web-site onto the internet, you can then concentrate on how to increase your sales and traffic to your Web-site. To achieve these, you can use online ad tracking systems such as AdMinder for you to track the clicks and sales for all your ads, which can help you determine which of your ads are generating the most sales.

    + More on Web-site Presence


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