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My Inbox Receives a lot of Spam e-Mails.

What Can I Do About Spam?

There are several things that you can do to manage spam:

  • Configure your e-mail program to not show a "preview" window. Instead, make it shows only a "menu" of items.
  • From this menu, simply delete any spam e-mail that you have in your inbox without opening them.
  • Do not read spammer's e-mail, because it only confirms to the spammer that you read the e-mail.
  • Do not reply to a spammer's e-mail, because your response will be interpreted as an invitation for more e-mail from the spammer.
  • Another alternative and better way is to use anti spam software.

How Does Anti Spam Software Work?

Anti spam software can intelligently keep your inbox spam free. Basically, there're two different ways that Anti spam software can protect spam mail from entering your inbox. Spam Arrest is an Anti spam software that uses sender verification method to stop spam mail, and Spambully is an anti spam software that can continuously learn from spammers messages to stop spam mail from entering your inbox.

Anti Spam Software - Spambully

Anti spam software - Spam Bully.

Try Spambully anti spam software for free now!

Anti spam software - Spambully is compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express, and supports:
- Windows 98 and above
- Outlook 2000 and above
- Email Client Outlook Express 5 and above

Anti Spam Software - Spam Arrest

Anti spam software - Spam Arrest.


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